When you support our artists, lives are transformed

When you support our artists, lives are transformed

Above: Kathryn, right, is an artist at Creative Connections and a member of our new L'Arche Connects program. She stands with Rachel, showing off seedlings grown in the Creative Connections studio for the program's garden project. When you donate to our Support Our Artists campaign, you transform lives.

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Kathryn.

It used to be hard for Kathryn to talk to new people or ask for the support she needed. Thanks to Creative Connections, her confidence has soared.

“Sometimes it is nice to be by myself, but sometimes it is not. It’s sad. I feel lonely. I come to Creative Connections everyday because it makes me happier – I am with my friends.”

Since joining Creative Connections, L’Arche Saint John’s artistic day program, Kathryn’s world has opened. Whether trying new art mediums or learning skills like taking the bus, Creative Connections is both a safe landing and launching pad for Kathryn and other adults with intellectual disabilities.

In fact, Kathryn is a member of our new L’Arche Connects program, through which she will move into an apartment of her own for the first time, with support from L’Arche.

Kathryn is one of many adults with intellectual disabilities whose life has changed for the better thanks to L’Arche programming and exceptional staffing support. None of this would be possible without financial support from you.

As a registered charity, we fundraise almost 50% of our budget year over year.

When you give to L’Arche, we convert your dollars to social impact. For example, a gift of $50 could cover the cost of art supplies for a month, or $120 could facilitate art instruction from a local professional artist.

And while art is the vehicle, the magic of Creative Connections is in building relationships, personal confidence and emotional health – like Kathryn’s story.

Will you support our artists today, helping us make a more vibrant and inclusive world that welcomes difference? Click here to make a tax-deductible donation today.

In gratitude, 

Rachel Vander Vennen
Community Leader/Executive Director

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