If you or someone you know has a disability, you know how hard it can be to find a community of belonging.

For many adults with intellectual disabilities in Saint John, that place of inclusive belonging is Creative Connections.

Every weekday, we come together at 95 Prince William Street to create beautiful works of art that grace the walls around them. Creative Connections is both a studio and a gallery, featuring some of the most vibrant and unique artworks found anywhere.

Professional artists and educators join with our volunteers and staff on an artistic journey with our members. Together, we have created a program that encourages artistic self-expression, builds confidence and fosters emotional well-being.

Our artists' inspirational works of art hang in the homes and offices not only here in Saint John but around the globe, snapped up by tourists who admire their uniqueness. They stand as testaments to the beauty of a world where everyone belongs.

The magic of Creative Connections is much more than just the art that’s produced, though. Our artists gain confidence, emotional health, and have the freedom to be themselves.