Watch: The Magic of L'Arche Saint John

At L’Arche Saint John, we believe in a world where everyone belongs. When persons with intellectual disabilities take their place at the table, they contribute to a more just, compassionate, and vibrant world for all.

We are a community of people with and without intellectual disabilities, sharing life together in Saint John, New Brunswick. Our mission is to make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities, revealed through mutually transforming relationships. L’Arche Saint John is part of an International Federation creating homes and day programs with adults with intellectual disabilities.

At McKim House, we wake up under the same roof, share meals, and help each other learn and develop – experiencing life together in a mutually supportive and encouraging way. Through celebration, creativity and contemplative reflection, our daily life is transformed into something extraordinary.

At our artistic day program, Creative Connections, professional artists and educators join our volunteers and staff on an artistic journey with our members. Together, we have created a program that encourages artistic self-expression, builds confidence and fosters emotional well-being. Learn more about our studio here, and more about our accessible garden project here.

We share in the world around us, experiencing life in the city – from working out at the gym to visiting the library and capturing the beauty of Saint John through photography excursions. 

We embrace others in the community who share in our vision of a more inclusive society, including our supporters and volunteers. Together, we discover the beauty of sharing life together. 


​​Since the inception of McKim House in 2005, L’Arche Saint John has depended on the generosity of supporters like you.

Across Canada, most L’Arche services are fully funded by provincial governments. In New Brunswick, 50 per cent of our operations are funded by the province. We must rely on donors to cover the remainder.

While we are engaged in productive negotiations with the New Brunswick government, our ability to keep L’Arche alive in Saint John is contingent on the charity of others.

At the same time, we know that what we offer today is not enough to serve adults with intellectual disabilities and their families here. The need – for housing and for support – is far greater. 

We would not exist without the support of individual donors to charitable foundations, whose gifts allow us to sustain our operations.


L’Arche Saint John belongs to an international federation of more than 150 L’Arche communities in nearly 40 countries.

Communities around the world share in the philosophy of L’Arche, with each community living its own cultural and spiritual expression.

Together, we celebrate people with intellectual disabilities and build circles of support around them. We go beyond supporting people’s basic needs. It is this focus on building relationships and cultivating a sense of belonging that makes L’Arche unique.

  • Rachel Vander Vennen

    Community Leader/Executive Director

  • Gray Gillies Mott

    Creative Connections Program Leader

  • Jody Adair

    McKim House Leader

  • Jennifer Fabrizi

    L'Arche Connects Program Leader

  • Kristen Scott

    Community Development Co-ordinator

  • Dave Stonehouse

    President & Chair of the Board

  • Don Dickson


  • Tonya Coleman


  • Kurt Peacock


  • Jake Robinson


  • Kevin Belyea


  • Connie Dunnett


  • Bernadette Fernandes


  • Moira Wilson


  • Rachel Vander Vennen