Stacey's story: A life transformed

Stacey's story: A life transformed

Winter months can be rough for me because I deal with depression. This past winter, though, my mental health improved thanks to increased attendance at Creative Connections.

I have been an artist at Creative Connections since its beginning, in 2016. Before Creative Connections opened, there wasn’t another art program in the region. I was eager to try something new.

I can be shy sometimes, but when I first came to the studio, I immediately felt really comfortable. At Creative Connections, I feel a part of a community. The program is different and unique, in a good way. I feel seen for who I am, rather than for my disability.

I have cerebral palsy, which impacts my fine motor skills. Creative Connections has improved my fine motor skills. For example, several years ago, it was a struggle to make a circle. Last year, I painted a huge canvas with a detailed cityscape.

Now I can do different styles of art that I didn’t think would be possible. My confidence in my art has grown. I hope to continue to grow and get better, and I have a dream of doing pottery on a wheel.

Creative Connections opens up our world to opportunities and connections.

Please support L’Arche if you can, because it is so authentic and needed.

Stacey Howe
Creative Connections artist

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