A conversation with Anna: a Creative Connections artist

A conversation with Anna: a Creative Connections artist

Above: Anna works on her painting of a summer bonfire, complete with spider dogs and marshmallows! This piece was sold at Transformation, an art show held by Creative Connections on May 4.  

When we asked Anna Keyes, a new artist at Creative Connections, what her favourite thing to paint is, she said:

“Painting makes me happy. I paint flowers, the sun, and butterflies. I paint my favourite actor from Glee and I make holiday cards.”

Anna joined Creative Connections last November. She loves people, crafts, and art, so she’s fit right in at the artistic day program. The new conversations, shared experiences and camaraderie while creating unique art gives Anna a sense of fulfillment.

We sat down with Anna to learn more about her.

Kristen: Anna, you are an artist in many ways. What are some of the activities you do as an artist?

Anna: Painting, making bracelets, lyrical and jazz dance. I like to do my nails everyday.

Kristen: Some of your work will be displayed at the Creative Connections art show on May 4 at the Saint John Arts Centre. How does that feel? Can you describe one of your pieces in the show?

Anna: Feels awesome! This is my first art show. Just flowers: red, yellow, and pink colours are in it.

Kristen: Do you like trying new things at Creative Connections?

Anna: Yes. I like using any paints and colours, and playing UNO!

Kristen: What else do you like about Creative Connections?

Anna: I like to help with the break making popcorn and hot chocolate, check-in, and check-out. I pack a lunch: yogurt, fruit, cheese, bagel with cream cheese, juice, but no Pepsi.

Kristen: You like to keep busy, don’t you, Anna? What do you like to do outside of Creative Connections?

Anna: Yes. I ski. Crossfit. Dance. Girl Guides. I look after [my dog] Luna. I do art at home. I make bracelets with beads.

Kristen: What names do you include on the bracelet? Who do you give them to?

Anna: Taylor Swift albums like 22 and Red. I give them to friends.

Kristen: Are you a Taylor Swift fan?

Anna: Yes. I want to go on the stage and have a great time up there.

Kristen: Another creative project you mentioned is helping with the Creative Connections garden project. What would you like to plant there this season?

Anna: Flowers, vegetables, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, and sunflowers – 10 feet tall – blueberries and healthy food. I like to water them.

Kristen: So, do you like to get your hands dirty in the garden?

Anna: No! I wear gloves.

Kristen: Are you excited to continue working on your art with your friends and fellow artists at Creative Connections?

Anna: Yes!


Anna Keyes                                   Kristen Scott
Artist at Creative Connections            Community Development Coordinator



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