EVENT | Uptown Box Art Celebration

EVENT | Uptown Box Art Celebration

Join us in King's Square on May 25 for the Uptown Box Art Celebration!

The artists of Creative Connections have partnered up with students from Saint John High for the Neighbours Project. Through this partnership, together they will create beautiful art that will hang as banners on the light posts of Prince William St. And on May 25, they'll be finishing up the art LIVE in King's Square!

Date: Saturday, May 25
Time: 1-3 p.m.
Location: King's Square, Saint John NB


More about The Neighbours Project: The Neighbours Project is a Collaboration between L’Arche Creative Connections and Saint John High School helping to connect youth and adults with disabilities to learn together and create art!

L’Arche Creative Connections is a non-profit art program celebrating the gifts of people with Intellectual Disabilities. We are committed to creating healthy spaces for belonging and artistic expression.

Saint John High School and Creative Connections are two blocks apart on Prince William Street and share a dream of an inclusive, hope-filled community! It starts with neighbours!

Our collaborative work for “Integration” explores the subversive power of hope. Just like the seeds carried by wind, animals, and currents, hope can spring up where we least expect it! In the cracks, gutters, and the urban space between Creative Connections and Saint John High School there is a spontaneous garden scape.

Created pieces will include elements of Chaos Gardening, Ecology, Photography, Collage, paint, and pastel to create a stronger community and beautiful art.