A large group of people stand inside Creative Connections. They smile at the camera.


“Can I ask you a favour: are you busy on Friday? I have a dentist appointment and my bus doesn’t go there. But with the social workers on strike, I can’t get approval for a cab.” Recently, I received this text from Shawna, an artist at our day program, Creative Connections. It was a simple favour that would resolve a complex situation. All week, I found myself looking forward to Friday, to drive Shawna to her appointment.

As the Community Leader, I could have delegated this task. But I felt that Shawna, as a member of my community, was inviting me to go further in understanding what it means to belong in community. I did not want to miss this opportunity.

Building a community is a beautiful and complex concept, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. When I drove Shawna to her dentist appointment, she reminded me that I belong to something bigger than just working everyday at my desk.

And I remind you, today, that you are also part of something much bigger than yourself. Thanks to your continued friendship and support, we’re building a more inclusive Saint John with adults with intellectual disabilities.

Zoël Breau
Community Leader/Executive Director


If it wasn’t for you Zoel this opportunity to help Shawna would of had scrambling to find a way to her dentist appointment and taking a cab would of cost her a small fortune money that she probably doesn’t have it also gave the two of you to get one another on another level


That certainly is what community is all about – doing small or large things for each other!

Marilyn (Thompson) Moore

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