Written by L’Arche Saint John’s Executive Director/Community Leader, Zoël Breau

Sharing everyday life together at L’Arche, it is very easy to forget the “titles” that we ascribe to. Whether assistant, community leader or core member, we all learn from, care about, and support each other. The ability to meet new challenges and trust each other is at the heart of our daily life. I am both inspired and challenged by the intimacy of these relationships in community.

There is no denying that this past year has been challenging. Even still, I am amazed by the resilience of the core members of McKim House and Creative Connections. Amid the challenges presented by COVID-19, we face daily life together with strength. Rooted in that strength, we welcome this new year before us.

L’Arche Saint John is a small community, and we have big dreams for this year.

We plan to launch our new project "Supported Independent Living Initiative.” Through this project, we have reserved four single occupancy apartments in the new building at the corner of Union Street and Wellington Row in the Uptown Saint John neighborhood, which will be built by Saint John Non-Profit Housing. In partnership with the Department of Social Development, NBACL and you, our donors, we hope to welcome four new members in our community this year.

In addition, with the support of L'Arche Canada, L'Arche in New Brunswick (Saint John and Fredericton) will partner with other disability support and community organizations to explore new options for accessible and affordable housing for people with intellectual disabilities in our province. This will be a collaborative project, working closely with people with developmental disabilities and their families who desire to live in the neighborhoods where they want to live—where they may belong, receive supports and offer their gifts.

L'Arche Saint John wants to make a difference in our city and our province, and it is thanks to all your support that we can do so. We cherish the partnerships we have developed over the years and believe our new initiatives will strengthen the city of Saint John as a more inclusive city. With our partners, supporters, and donors like you, we face 2021 with a dream to make our city and province a better place for all to live and thrive.

Whatever 2021 may bring, we will continue to be creative in how we maintain the spirit necessary to stay safe in the face of the continued threat of the pandemic. We will continue to live life to the fullest at McKim House and through our creative activities at Creative Connections. We stand assured in the strength, resilience, and support of our community, and for that we are deeply grateful.

Zoël Breau
Executive Director/Community Leader

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Is there a plan in the future for intellectuals who need care and can’t do independent living?


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