Making plans for our garden

Making plans for our garden

Above: Artists and Gardeners of Creative Connections gather with assistants and volunteers at one of our garden nights in 2023.

Spring is in the air, and we are looking forward to getting back to our garden! 

Thanks to all our hard work in the last couple summers, our green space has become more accessible, allowing our friends who use wheelchairs to join us in the garden for the first time last summer. For some, it was their first time they had been in someone's back yard in over a decade! We are thrilled that our green space can welcome all our friends now. 

With all the fun we had last summer, we are counting down the days until we can get back to our garden this spring. This year, we’re hoping to continue to build more accessible features like raised beds so we can start to grow our own food. 

To kick off our gardening season, we’re planning our fourth annual Earth Day clean up on Monday, April 22 at McKim House and garden nights again this summer. We hope you’ll be able to join us! 

We asked our artists and gardeners what they are looking forward to most this gardening season. Here's what they had to say:

April: "I’m excited to get dirty! and grow some amazing vegetables."

Krista: "Grow some sunflowers!" (Stacey: "Me too!")

Hannah: "I want to have a barbecue and NOT get dirty!"

Adrian: "I like having a big huge party in the garden!"

Kathryn: "Helping Katie. 😊"

Pat: "I like sitting in the peacefulness of the garden."

Josh: "I like when we have barbecues at the garden."

Katie: "I’d like to build the garden up vertically and focus on getting some height with some of our plants."

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported our garden financially or with hard work. Paul and Cameron Keyes, Wayne Cooper, and Jamie Dunnett and the boys, our friends at The Windsor Foundation, and The McCain Foundation – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Katie McTiernan
Program Assistant at Creative Connections

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