L'Arche and the gift of friendship

L'Arche and the gift of friendship

Above: Patrick, Stéphane, Adrian and Keelan smile at the camera in the car on their way to soccer practice. 

As a L’Arche Saint John intern this summer, I split my time between Creative Connections and McKim House, which allowed me to meet so many people. I felt so welcomed into the community before I even started, and the feeling of belonging only grew over my time spent with this crew so far this summer. On my very first day, within my first five minutes of being at Creative Connections, Krista told me that we were twins. It felt like we were already friends, and that kind of friendship can be said for everyone at L’Arche.

The amount of trust that is given to people coming in and out of McKim House is so special. Being trusted to cook dinner (without knowing my short-list of kitchen skills), having the core members trust me to get them to work on time, or just trusting me with the TV remote made me feel like I was apart of their team.

I really got to know the core members during my time at the house, and I will forever be thankful for all of the laughter we shared. Stéphane really made me feel like I was the funniest person in the world and Patrick always knew how to make me smile. There always seemed to be some music being played at the house – whether it be Adrian singing some country karaoke, Stéphane and Patrick playing guitar, the intro to Krista’s soap opera of the evening, or Sarah’s “Paauuulllll” (which grew to be music to my ears). When core members went away, I missed their specific contribution to the house chatter!

Everyone plays such a crucial role in McKim House and an absence is very noticeable, which I think is what makes McKim House such a special place. Everyone is free to be themselves and explore their passions and hobbies, and even try new things. This summer, I got to accompany Stéphane, Adrian and Patrick to their very first soccer practice. Adrian had played soccer before, but for Patrick and Stéphane it was their first time on the field. It was so awesome seeing how proud they were of themselves for trying something new. I love that McKim house encourages and uplifts people to expand their horizons and ensures that trying new things is always rewarding no matter the outcome.

I am so grateful to have spent my summer with the amazing group of people that makes up L’Arche Saint John, and I will always remember all of the hugs, smiles, and laughs we shared!

Keelan Lewis
Summer Programs and House Assistant

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