L’Arche is a symbol of hope, connection, and community

L’Arche is a symbol of hope, connection, and community

Above, from left: Andrew Oland, President & CEO of Moosehead Breweries, shares a laugh with Krista Simmons and Zoël Breau.

At two separate events this month, Krista and Patrick reminded me of the importance of humour, connection, and the gifts each of us have to offer in community.

Recently, Krista and I presented Andrew Oland, President & CEO of Moosehead Breweries, with a painting made by Creative Connections in recognition Moosehead’s foundational support for our Brighter Futures Fund.

It was a joy to have Krista with me. She has a way of connecting with others, bringing humour, and teaching us the power of being authentic. Everyone in attendance was able to see Krista's gifts in our midst. 

On another occasion, Patrick showed me how his sense of humour and love for puns helps build connection and community. This was at a group reflection recently for Solutions Lab, a project between L’Arche Saint John, L’Arche Canada, CMHC, and other partners, to identify and prototype alternative housing solutions with adults with intellectual disabilities.

What struck me during the Solutions Lab gathering was the need to connect and listen to one another. During that moment I felt we were one community, united in caring and helping find a solution for and with the more vulnerable among us.

While I share my joy of being with Krista and Patrick, I also reflect on people who are experiencing the atrocity of war in Ukraine. Specifically, I think of the two L’Arche communities in Ukraine, located in Lviv and Ternopil.

In a time of war, community, connection, and solidarity are even more potent. While L’Arche International is organizing food and medical transport for the communities in Ukraine, L’Arche Poland and L’Arche Lithuania are prepared to welcome members of the L’Arche communities from Ukraine.

Whether in Atlantic Canada or eastern Europe, L’Arche is an important symbol of hope, connection, and community.

I thank you for witnessing and sharing in the joy of L'Arche.

Zoël Breau
Community Leader/Executive Director

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I am so proud and emotional. Krista is not only my niece but my Dad and Krista’s grandfather, Don Simmons was a proud long time employee at Moosehead Breweries which Krista may not remember. Dad had a respectful association with the Oland family and he would be so proud to see this reationship.

Debbie Searle

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