Encountering respect, support, and friendship at Creative Connections

Encountering respect, support, and friendship at Creative Connections

Above: Thanks to your support, artists like Shawna (above) experience care, support, and a sense of belonging at Creative Connections.

As a person with disabilities, sometimes if I ask for something, I am made to feel like a burden. But at Creative Connections, I have never been treated like a problem.

I’ve been involved with Creative Connections for four years, and it is the most caring, adaptive, and accommodating of any program I’ve ever taken part in. People try to tell me that they know better about what we need, but at Creative Connections, they listen to what I need. 

I don’t just mean that at Creative Connections, we do whatever we want. If somebody does something inappropriate, or if there is conflict, the situation is addressed and resolved, rather than writing it off as part of someone’s disability. Learning together through mutual respect holds each of us accountable.

Being a part of Creative Connections makes me feel really good and supported. This support is important, because persons with disabilities who live alone and receive assistance in New Brunswick live on less than half of the deep poverty line.

I really enjoy painting, experimenting and learning new techniques. Having a place where I can go and create art really helps me. I don’t have the space to do it at home.

Creative Connections has given me the most sense of friendship that I’ve had since my best friend moved away. While I was in the hospital in March this year, I needed a few things, and Greer made sure that I got what I needed and sent me a beautiful card. If any relationship is going to be successful, it has to be a mutual relationship. I try to support my friends, and they try to support me.

To me, L’Arche has been the most caring and supportive community for persons with disabilities that I’ve ever encountered.

Shawna-Leigh Morgan
Artist at Creative Connections


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