Celebrating the value of faithful friends as we build community

Celebrating the value of faithful friends as we build community

This month, I was reminded of the value of dear friends who have known and supported L’Arche Saint John for over 17 years.

Last week, I had the joy of spending time with Dan Kirkegaard, who was the first community leader when we opened McKim House in 2005. 

Even years after Dan’s departure from L’Arche Saint John, I have been touched by the way he and his family continue to care for and remain faithful to our community. 

I can say the same about Jocelyn Worster, the community leader who came before me, who is always available to talk to me if I need information about her time as a leader in this community. 

When I moved to Saint John three years ago, I met Rick and Mary Larder who were involved with L’Arche Saint John and New Dawn Community from the beginning. Over the years they have remained faithful supporters and friends.

We recently learned of Mary's passing. Mary's death reminds me of the importance of loyalty and not taking for granted the value of friendship.

I could go on and on about so many people who remain loyal to our community and maintain meaningful connections in so many ways.

On September 20 we are hosting Building Community, our event at the Delta Hotel with special guest Marcel LeBrun and emcee Mel Norton. Last year, our Building Community event opened the doors to many more friends and partners. I hope you will join us.

I am increasingly convinced that our primary mission is to build long-term relationships that are meaningful and to continue to show the richness and value of collaboration for a better world.

Zoël Breau
Community Leader/Executive Director



Hi Zoel;
Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. They were and are much appreciated. I have always respected and loved the work of L’Arche in valuing and supporting our friends with disabilities. In the end, it is always the person first and that is transformative for us all. They are our friends.

I look forward to the Delta event upcoming. Best wishes to you and the residents and supports at McKim House. Also enjoyed hearing of Dan K. and Jocelyn.

richard larder

“It takes a village” I am so proud of my niece Krista and the talent she posseses. She is a joy and the family have been so blessed that she has had such a great , supportive family at Kim House. I am looking forward to attending your event.

Debbie Searle

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