An earthquake in Haiti, violence in Afghanistan, wildfires in British Columbia, and a global climate crisis – never mind the climbing cases of COVID-19 in vulnerable populations.

Reading the news this week, I felt a pain in my heart.

The world is hurting.

Yet, I catch glimpses of hope for the future in the local and global L’Arche community around me.

We have been busy planning for our upcoming dinner gala with Frank McKenna on September 7, called Building Community. Witnessing the dedication of our Board and volunteers, and the generosity of sponsors and donors as we ramp up to the biggest fundraising event in our history, I am filled with gratitude.

I feel hope that, with the incredible support from our friends and supporters, we can continue to build community here in Saint John.

As summer ends, we are bidding farewell to a few summer assistants. It is a privilege to meet these individuals and watch them grow in relationship with core members in our community.

I feel hope that these young, brilliant, and generous assistants will take the experience of these transformative relationships into their future careers, creating a more compassionate and inclusive world.

Finally, perhaps nothing symbolizes faith in the future more than planting seeds in a garden. Earlier this month, both Acadia Broadcasting and CBC took an interest in our garden initiative at McKim House and featured heart-warming stories on it. On CBC, our Program Assistant, Katie, spoke about grieving the death of her father, the devastating effect of isolation on people with disabilities during COVID-19, and how the garden project became a source of hope amid these hardships.

I feel hope when I see core members, assistants, friends and relatives digging in the garden – and the beauty that happens when we come together, sip lemonade under the sun, and remember the healing powers of the Earth.

In these uncertain times, L’Arche continues to be a sign of hope for Saint John, Canada, and across the world.

Thank you for your continued support.


Zoël Breau
Community Leader/Executive Director

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